Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Tijuana surgery center in Mexico is a term referring to a combination of two procedures for vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty) and labia reduction (labioplasty).

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery?                

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is a procedure traditionally used to alter the vagina walls to prevent urinary stress incontinence and the prolapse of their uterus and/or bladder Factors that are linked to pelvic organ prolapse include age, repeated childbirth, hormone deficiency, ongoing physical activity, and prior hysterectomy. Symptoms include stress incontinence (inadvertent leakage of urine with physical activity), a vaginal bulge, painful sexual intercourse, back pain, and difficult urination or bowel movements.

Cosmetic surgeons in Tijuana surgery center in Mexico adapt this procedure for the use in vaginal rejuvenation when some clients discovered that sex was more enjoyable than it had been before the operation. Vaginal walls may sometimes be slackened due to age, repeated childbirth, ongoing physical activity, similar factors linked to pelvic organ prolapses.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery            

Societal views on the vagina have definitely shifted over the last hundred years. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the vagina was not something to be spoken of, nor was what occurred there. However, as the years changes, so did how society views the vagina. Now, there are plays about it, books about it – even corrective surgery for it.

Women have disliked feeling insufficient about problems with or connected to the look of their vagina. Women just like you, who are self-conscious or mortified because their labia majora or labia minor – the lips of their vagina are massive – possibly from a deformity, an accident, but for most because they were stretched during childbirth.

Following childbirth, some women are prone to destabilized muscles in the vagina but it usually takes more than one natural birth before a woman considers vaginal rejuvenation. Each vaginal birth loosens your vaginal muscles just that little bit more. Although some women find their muscles returning to normal, other ‘unlucky’ women do not. This is where vaginal rejuvenation comes in.

A vaginal rejuvenation is performed to restore or improve the appearance and/or function of your vagina. Many women start to lose their sexual self esteem because the vaginal muscles become floppy. Thus, this also leads to a decrease in sexual pleasure.

Alternatively, loosened vaginal muscles can result in stress incontinence (UI), because the bladder is located near the vaginal wall.

During childbirth, as the baby passes through the birth canal, the muscles, fascia, and ligaments separate and may be weakened, thus weakening the ‘scaffolding’ that supports the bladder. UI can also be a result of inherited muscle weakness, obesity, strain by chronic coughing, high-impact exercises, even smoking, therefore there is help whatever your cause may be.

Two procedures combine to make vaginal rejuvenation – labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. The combination of the two surgeries can usually be done at the same time providing you with an enhanced labia and a tightened vagina during one visit. A bladder sling can be performed in combination with two these procedures.

You are a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation if:

  • You suffer from stress incontinence
  • You want to increase sexual pleasure
  • Your vaginal area is stretched due to pregnancies or aging
  • You have experienced vaginal trauma
  • You want your labial lips reduced, enhanced or re-shaped
  • You want to reconstruct your hymen to its original state

Labiaplasty can sculpture the elongated or unequal labial minora (small inner lips) according to specification. Most women do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips.

Labiaplasty can sculpture the elongated or unequal labial minora (small inner lips) according to specification. Most women do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips.

Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery, removes excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina, resulting in a smaller and tighter vaginal opening. When the vagina becomes stretched from aging and childbirth, vaginoplasty tightens and restores the vagina and supporting structures.

Choosing to have vaginal plastic surgery is an important personal decision, and it doesn’t matter whether you are choosing vaginal surgery for self-esteem, vaginal discomfort or to increase sexual sensation, it’s your choice. No one wants to age or lose optimal function anywhere, and this includes the vaginal and vulvar structures.

Women who have had children want a resolution, they want to rejuvenate the vagina and they want an opportunity to have a better sexual experience. Men have Viagra, why can’t women have a much-needed operation?

If you are a woman who has never had children, there are solutions that are available through design modifications to accomplish your desires. But let’s face it ladies, no woman wants to grow old or lose the most favorable function. If you are self-conscious about the way that your vagina looks (or works!) then perhaps it’s time to consider a nip and tuck down there.

Surgical Procedure

The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia. A speculum is inserted into the vagina to hold it open during the procedure. An incision is made into the vaginal skin and the defect in the underlying fascia is identified. The vaginal skin is separated from the fascia and the defect is folded over and sutured (stitched). Any excess vaginal skin is removed and the incision is closed with stitches.

Vaginal rejuvenation restores the tone of the lower vaginal musculature by tightening the vaginal diameter and trimming away the excess skin (mucosa). Sometimes after childbirth or episiotomy repair, some of the inner vaginal mucosa is “exteriorized,’ seeming to protrude through the vaginal opening onto otherwise smooth, normal skin. During the procedure, the vaginal walls are strengthened and tissue is removed by incisions, extraction, and dissolvable sutures. This results in a clean, symmetrical appearance, with an improvement in function as well.

Preconditions and Risks

We minimize risks and complications by selecting patients carefully and always having the most skilled surgeons, physicians and nurses carry out procedures. However, despite the highest standards, complications can occur. They are rare, and most patients will not have complications, but if you have concerns about possible complications, please discuss these with your doctor.

Recovery and Postcare

A vaginal rejuvenation requires an overnight stay in hospital. Following the procedure, a patient may experience minor swelling and discomfort for 2 days. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 3 weeks, and abstinence from sexual intercourse and the use of tampons and douches for at least 6 weeks. Avoid activities for several weeks that will cause strain on the surgical site including lifting, coughing, long periods of standing, sneezing, and straining with bowel movements. Loose and comfortable undergarments are necessary to increase comfort during healing. A pad will act as a bandage to capture drainage and blood from the incision site. Mild discomfort should be expected during recovery. We provide excellent post-care support, with follow-up visits and programs to assist your recovery. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we will schedule an appointment with the surgeon in Tijuana surgery center in Mexico.