Conversion surgery

What is conversion or revision surgery?

Laparoscopic conversion or revision surgery is often the ideal alternative for anyone who has experienced a failure with their previous bariatric surgery.

Studies have shown that between 5% and 50% of patients who have undergone a bariatric procedure will require a modification of the medical procedure at a later date. There are a wide range of factors that can contribute to weight regain. Revision surgery may be performed on the basis that you did not get the results you expected from your single medical procedure or on the basis that the first medical procedure failed and, in addition, due to the fact that your life structures have changed after a few years. time.

Revision or conversion surgery

In the greater part of the circumstances, sturdy individuals who choose to undergo a bariatric medical procedure to deal with their stiffness achieve incredible weight reduction outcomes. In any case, it is conceivable that a couple of considerable people won’t find a comparable agreeable result, even after experiencing careful weight reduction treatment.

Furthermore, a few patients with time begin to regain lost weight after the bariatric medical procedure or experience medicinal entanglements related to the careful bariatric process. For those individuals, who are unable to achieve substantial weight reduction or maintain their healthy weight, revision bariatric surgery is the ideal solution.

Some of the reasons you may need conversion surgery include:

LapBand failure

Nausea and vomiting

Weight loss expectations not met with previous bariatric procedure

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