Specialists in General Surgery and Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Javier Cisneros Lopez

Dr. Javier Cisneros Lopez graduated as a Surgeon at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). Subsequently he studied the Specialty in General Surgery at Centro Medico Nacional de Occidente by the University of Guadalajara. Jalisco in addition to having courses in minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopy. He has more than 25 years of experience in high complexity surgery in the best private and public institutions.


Inguinal hernia surgery

Lipomas, skin and soft tissue tumors

Neck and thyroid surgery

Gallbladder surgery

Hiatal hernia surgery

Hemorrhoid, Pilonidal Cyst and Perianal Fistula Surgery

Why choose Tijuana Surgery Center?

Why choose Tijuana Surgical Unit in Mexico?

At Tijuana Surgical Unit in Mexico you will find the most qualified professionals and the latest technology available to guarantee the expected results.

Dr. Javier Cisneros Lopez has more than 25 years performing minimally invasive surgery and high specialty, performs diagnosis and treatment of diseases or conditions that are resolved by surgical procedures in the following devices, systems and anatomical areas: digestive system, abdominal wall, endocrine system, breast, skin and soft tissue, peripheral vascular system, retroperitoneum and external conditions of the head and neck.

The doctor will perform diagnosis, surgery and follow up personally after surgery to ensure that your recovery is as fast and free of complications as possible.

The Tijuana Surgical Unit is based on minimally invasive surgery, where devices designed to make the smallest cuts possible are used, such as laparoscopic surgery.


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