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I’m a 48 year old female American and live in San Diego. I’m a registered nurse with a doctorate in nursing practice so I am VERY selective of my healthcare. My breasts were TOO BIG and were sagging and hurt my back. I also had fat around my abdomen and back that bothered me. Dr. Cisneros did a breast reduction with a lift and a smaller implant and reduced the areola. He also did liposuction on the waist, back, pelvic, and arms. I stayed one night in the hospital and was discharged the next afternoon after eating lunch. You could eat off the floors of that hospital – VERY clean. IMO, the nurses need some more training in how to treat patients with more respect and compassion but overall did an OK job. My call light was not given to me and I could not get a hold of a nurse to help me to the bathroom but this has nothing to do with Dr. Cisneros. He provided me with surgical garments to wear to help reduce the swelling. A medical van was provided at a cost to cross over in the fast lane back to the San Diego side where my friend drove me home. Dr. Cisnero’s partner, Laura MD, was with me through the entire procedure and check-ups. She’s amazing! I had very slow healing results but Dr. Cisneros and Laura MD stayed in contact with me DAILY until the healing process was complete (good luck with this type of follow-up care in America). I also saw him once a week for a month (get a SENTRI pass!) to ensure everything looked good. Dr. Cisneros is professional, timely, personal, and a TRUE ARTIST. He laid me out on the surgery table and created my new sexy body! Here are two AFTER pics of me in my bikini but happy to send you other pics directly through Dr. Cisneros, just mention my name. My friend also went to Dr. Cisneros and got Brazilian Butt Lift and lipo, she looks amazing! Dr. Cisneros is extremely safe and will NOT operate on you if you are smoking and not taking care of yourself (he checks bloodwork, EKG, and health history). Good luck on your cosmetic surgery – you will NOT go wrong with Dr. Cisneros! Fell free to call me if you have more questions (Dr. Cisneros and Laura MD have my number).

  • Jenifer Henke

One year ago today I traveled to MX to have a life changing procedure!!!! First im incredibly thankful to God for being by my side every step of the way. 2nd Id like to thank my Dr in Tijuana Surgery Center for taking great care of me and doing an amazing job. Last but not least, although I don’t have her contact info I’d like to thank my nurse Rocio. She was by far the best person I’ve ever met. So caring and kind. I truly miss her. I traveled alone on this journey and having her there felt like home. A lot has changed in one year. I thought having this procedure would take care of my weight issues and keep me lookin nice, but that is farrrrr from the truth. I gained over 20lbs closer to 30 after… realizing that I needed to make a change. So I did. And here I am one year later fighting to be the healthiest version of myself I can possibly be. Forever thankful fo this change in my life.

  • Jennifer Briones