Penoplasty (Penis Enlargment)

Penoplasty (Penis Enlargment)

Estimates on average penis size vary. Many people believe that a typical penis is 6 inches (in) long, but this is false and misleading, potentially triggering anxiety in those who worry about having a small penis.

Penis enlargement is achieved by increasing penile length and/or by increasing penile volume. Penis lengthening is a surgical procedure in which its suspensory apparatus (ligamentolysis) is released via small incision above the root of the penis. Penis volume is increased by own fat transfer techniques- (lipotransfer, lipo grafting, fat grafting, lipofilling) which are surgical procedures by which fat is harvested (usually from the area of the lower abdomen and inner thighs) into syringes, then filtered (purified) and injected into the penis subcutis by thin cannulas. As part of the inserted fat is always absorbed; a satisfactory result often requires treatment repetition. Penile lengthening and “own fat” penile volume increases are, as a standard, combined into one surgical procedure.

The approach is to cut the suspensory ligament, thus allowing the forward movement of the corpora with a gain of 1.5-4 cm in length. This improvement is most visible on the flaccid penis.

While lengthening is desirable, sometimes it only fixes part of the problem. By both lengthening and enlarging the penis at the same time, a better proportion can be achieved. To enlarge the penis, the patient’s own fat is harvested (from the abdomen, flanks or upper thighs) or gel like a filler, that is injected along the penis shaft through tiny incisions at the base of the penis.


The procedure is performed under anesthesia.
The combined procedure can be completed in 1.5 hours.
Surgical stitches are absorbable and do not need to be removed.
We recommend rest for 4 days; with full physical load after 4 weeks.
Post-surgery swelling and bruising may persist for 3-4 weeks
We recommend an elastic penis bandage is worn for 1 week.
We recommend sexual abstinence for 6 weeks post surgery.